The 2010 World Cup offers South Africa an unprecedented opportunity to showcase itself to the World. The goal of EKZNW is to make the organization relevant to the 2010 Soccer World Cup, and to create an awareness of our brand into the future.

The legacy this would provide enormous benefits for all the people of KZN. In order to achieve this goal the following strategic plan has been compiled:

Unique Selling Points

South Africa has the world’s richest floral kingdom, and a vast variety of endemic and migratory birds. It also is home to one-sixth of the world’s marine species in the two oceans along its coast.

SA has more species of wild animals than North and South America, or Europe and Asia, together. Wildlife ranges from aardword to zebra; from puku to pangolin; from caracal to hyrax. SA is also a home to:

The world’s largest land mammal (African elephant)
The smallest mammal (a shrew the size of a human fingertip)
The tallest mammal (giraffe)
The fastest mammal (cheetah)
The heaviest reptile (leatherback turtle)
The largest antelope (eland)
The largest bird (ostrich)
The heaviest flying bird (Kori Bustard)
900 bird species – 10% of the world’s variety on 1% of its land area.
6000 different spiders, 175 varieties of scorpion and 100 different snakes
23,200 different ‘fynbos’ plants – making it the richest zone on earth in terms of species to area.

What Makes Kwazulu Natal So Special?

KwaZulu-Natal is the home of the Zulu nation. It is the country’s most populous province and has the second largest economy, having surpassed the Western Cape in 2007 as per the SA Tourism statistics.
From its sandy beaches to the heights of the Drakensberg Mountains, the province is picturesque and a tourist’s delight. Charming towns, rolling hills, nature reserves and historic sites abound.
There is a large Indian community in Durban, South Africa’s second largest city and busiest port.
The economy is based on agriculture and tourism but its manufacturing sector produces a larger portion of GDPR (25%) than any other province.
Isizulu is the predominant language.

Key Objectives
To ensure that our infrastructure is up to the required standards to be utilized by visitors during 2010 Soccer World Cup.
To ensure that we optimize on the use of our accommodation to meet the needs of 2010 Soccer World Cup and our existing client base.
To ensure that our product and brand is marketed for 2010 Soccer World Cup and beyond.
To ensure that the infrastructure and logistics to make 2010 Soccer World Cup work for EKZNW are in place.

Proposal Details
the greatest challenge that could prevent EKZNW from achieving its goal is the poor state of the ecotourism product.

Years of inadequate investment in infrastructure has resulted in most resorts being unable to achieve the envisaged three star grading level.

Most of the other weaknesses identified in the SWOT analysis are internal process related, and can be addressed without external interventions.

The initial plan proposed by the Commercial Operations team required over R90mil in order to adequately address these infrastructure shortfalls however by reprioritizing internal resources and removing non essential activities the amount required has been reduced to R 49,930 mil.

The following briefly outlines the activities to be undertaken with an approximate spend of R10mil this year and R10mil next year:

Umlalazi is located about 120km north of Durban and is strategically positioned as a first night stop from visitors travelling into Zululand from the new international airport.
It is also ideally located as an overnight base and spring board into the Zululand battlefield areas and other areas of cultural significance.
The camp is currently not graded but could easily achieve a 3 star rating with the input of refurbishment funding. The intention is then to have the camp graded to a 3 star level during 2009.

Softs incl. all bedding, curtains, towels etc
Replace furnishings including beds
Total refurbish of bathrooms
Replace kitchen units and appliances
Upgrade internal lighting in all units
Repairs to outside decks

Camp Sites
The ablution facilities in the camp sites are very old and are not in a good condition.
They need to be gutted and refurbished.
Additional scullery and laundry facilities to be added.
Additional water-stand pipes and electrical plug points to be added to camp sites
Midmar has easy access to the N3 and Durban and is one of the Camps which MATCH wishes to use.
The Chalets will be graded 3 star by the end of March, however, the day visitor facilities and the rustic cabins require substantial work.

Funding is required as follows:
Replace 250 louvre windows with shatterproof glass in 32 chalets
Replace 32 chalet roofs and guttering
Tile 16 x Cabin floors
Replace concrete apron around 16 cabins
Put washbasins into 16 cabins
Television sets, lounge suites and coffee tables for 16 cabins
Replace linen and curtains in 16 cabins
Refurbish 9 ablution blocks servicing the cabins
Fully refurbish old restaurant – includes kitchen and conference area
Replace Main Office roof
Upgrade water reticulation system
Electrification of 35 campsites
Refurbish 3 x campsite ablution blocks
Replace 1 x tractor
Replace 1 x bakkie

Although out of the travelling distance to qualify as match accommodation for games in Durban, as a big five destination HIP will be a key destination for pre and post match visits.
Neither Mpila nor Hilltop are currently graded, with the additional funds sought these camps will be graded to a 3 star standard during 2009.

(a) Mpila Camp
Upgrade the remaining 6 rest huts to have en-suite ablution facilities and self catering facilities
Construct communal braai boma and catering facility
Modify existing communal kitchen structure into communal lounge and construct swimming pool
Replace furnishings and appliances in tented camp
Replace furnishings and appliances in chalets
Replace furnishings and appliances in bush camps
Replace softs in all units
Upgrade water supply to bush camps
Fence Mpila camp to elephant proof spec
Upgrade all day visitor facilities, including toilets,in the park

(b) Hilltop Camp
Construct communal braai boma and meeting venue
Replacement furnishings and softs to achieve grading

As with Hluhluwe-iMfolozi, Sodwana Bay is beyond the travelling distance to qualify as match accommodation for games in Durban.
However, as South Africa’s premiere SCUBA diving water and big game fishing destination the area will be a targeted destination for adventure activities during pre and post match visits.
The camp is not currently graded, but with the additional funds sought the camps will be graded to a 3 star standard during 2009.

Complete the structural refurbishment of the remaining 6 out of 20 chalets
Replace furnishings and appliances
Replace softs
Upgrade braai areas

Camp Sites
The ablution blocks are in a poor condition.
To date 3 ablution blocks have been upgrade.
Funds are sought to gut and refurbish another 5 ablution blocks

5. Giant's Castle
Giant's Castle is within easy reach of Durban and is a camp that MATCH is interested in.
Although the camp is graded as 3star, the thatched roofs need attention, as do the roads, signage and lighting.
The furniture and softs, are tired as they are now nearly 10 years old.

Funding required:
Repair thatched roofs – overlays and combing
Replacement of beds, head boards, linen, curtains and lounge suite
Lighting and signage for pathways and roads
Didima is within easy reach of Durban and has been identified by MATCH as a camp it is interested in.
It currently has a 3 star status but as the camp is now over six years old, the softs and furniture are looking tired. Furniture originally purchased for the camp was not of good quality and many items must be replaced.
Didima is our top camp when it comes to Conferences and Weddings and is popular with the emerging market.

Funding required:
Repair thatched roofs of chalets and conference centre
Build entrance gate facility
71 Split Air conditioners/heaters for Chalets
Replacement of furniture in all Chalets
Replacement of Linen in units
Replace weber braais
Replace carpets in office block
2 x Eco toilets for Mikes Pass
Refurbish tennis courts
Replacement of kitchen utensils – pots

Although Ntshondwe Camp does not have lion, it has the rest of the Big 5.
It is also a non malarial area which is of importance to international visitors.
In order to increase resale trading it is necessary to re-locate the curio shop.
The restaurant which operates in partnership with KKS also requires attention.

Funding is required as follows:
Repair thatched roofs overlays and combing
Re-thatch Mhlangeni Bush Camp
Split air conditioners/heaters for each 67 units
Replacement of linen, blankets, fridges and stoves
Headboards, carpets and replacement of furniture
Replacement of cleaning equipment
Camp signage
Relocation of curio shop
Conference Centre – additional equipment (includes dance floor, portable PA system, portable ice machine) linen, verandah furniture
Replace brushcutters. Chain saw. Ride on mower
Restaurant – Upgrade – buffet counter, furniture, walk in fridges
Replacement of vehicles:
Activities 20 seater, maintenance bakkie and Cab star
Upgrade of generator
Upgrade of Doornkraal Campsite – ablutions/hot water
Maintenance on staff houses and lodge – units are badly cracked
RNNP is an extremely popular destination within easy reach of Gauteng.
It is part of the World Heritage Site and the Amphitheatre is a world renowned land mark.
Thendele is an old camp with tired furnishings – its main selling feature being its location.
Mahai campsite is extremely popular.
RNNP, unfortunately, does not have a restaurant; however, this might be addressed if the proposed PPP is approved.

Funding required:

Purchase of back-up generator (Thendele)
Back up generator Mahai/Visitor Centre
Replace linen, curtains, carpets, ceilings and furniture in 28 units
Upgrade water reticulation system
Re-thatch Visitor Centre roof
Upgrade entrance gate
Upgrade day visitor facilities – benches, ablution blocks and braai’s
Build one ablution block that is Muslim friendly
Replace ice making machine
Jungle Gym for children

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