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The Board
The primary functions of the Board are:
To direct the management of nature conservation within protected areas;
To develop and promote ecotourism facilities within the protected areas;
To ensure proper, efficient and effective management of the Nature Conservation Service in the province.

Office of the CEO
The Office of the CEO of provides strategic direction, leadership and a support function to all the operations of the organisation.

In consultation with the Accounting Authority (Board) and the Executive Committee, the CEO ensures efficient implementation of the visionary framework and the achievement of the strategic plan and goals.

The office of the CEO plays a critical role in organisational change, performance management, business transformation and repositioning.

The CEO also ensures management of the organisation on sound business principles and ensuring compliance with the relevant legislation.

Biodiversity Conservation
The Biodiversity Conservation Cluster manages the natural resources within three regions i.e. Coastal (Durban), Zululand (Eshowe) and uKhahlamba (Midmar).

The Biodiversity Conservation Cluster comprises three critical functions – Biodiversity Management, Scientific Services and Partnerships that ensure that implementation of conservation activities takes place within the framework of the organisational strategy, and legislative prescripts and international conventions.

This cluster is very instrumental in ensuring the development of conservation strategic partnerships, research, and biodiversity management in KwaZulu Natal.

Commercial Operations
The Commercial Operations Cluster is dedicated to raising revenue and generating profits by leveraging the ecotourism strengths of the organisation without compromising the environmental integrity and biodiversity responsibility of EKZNW.

The Commercial Operations Cluster generates revenue from accommodation at the camps, concessions, guest activities in protected areas, resale of facilities, natural resource trade and permits.

Business development which includes marketing and advertising, Public Private Partnerships, and socio-economic contribution in the form of leases, joint ventures, outsourcing and community levy fund are also the responsibility of the Commercial Operations Cluster.

Corporate Services
The Corporate Services Cluster is the support function to the core business units of EKZNW.

This cluster comprises Human Resources, Technical Services, Information Technology and Legal Services.

These functions are performed according to the cluster service model based on Total Quality Management system which is focused on providing effective and efficient support services to core business units i.e. Biodiversity Conservation and Commercial Operations.

Chief Financial Officer
The Chief Financial Officer performs all financial and supply chain management related functions.

Internal Audit
In line with the current governance imperatives the internal audit function reports to the Board.

It provides support to management in terms of implementation of organisational internal controls and risk management.

It also conducts performance auditing and ensures compliance with good governance requirements as embedded in the legislative prescripts, and King II Report on Corporate Governance.

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