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Discover mountain grandeur and scenic expanses of sparkling water, valley bushveld and densely wooded riverine gorges, cascading waterfalls and forested pathways, acacia thornveld and ancient tracks through the wilderness, forested dunes and brilliant coral reefs.

With custodianship of 110 protected areas, our guests can satisfy their every desire for discovery, adventure or relaxation in some of Africa's most exciting and scenic natural surroundings.

Through Ezemvelo KZN Widlife’s 68 destinations, of which 36 have accommodation, guests can relax in a range of accommodation types from rustic mountain caves to 5-star private luxury lodges in big 5 game parks to explore an exciting world of natural splendour.

Ezemvelo's diverse protected areas and natural sanctuaries allow you to explore unique big-game wildlife areas, as well as numerous cultural, historical, wetlands, alpine and marine treasures with a wide range of accommodation facilities and guest activities on offer.
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