strategic plan
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Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife is instituting numerous strategic measures to help counteract and overcome possible internal collusion with rhino poaching.

"Our commitment to preserving our rhino in this instance is absolutely relentless.”
Dr Mkhize highlighted a few developments such as Ezemvelo’s targeting of future recruitment procedures for field staff that benchmark itself on international security standards:

Stepping up unannounced checks on Field Rangers while on patrol.
Ensuring that Section Rangers are fully aware of where their Field Rangers are patrolling.
Where warranted, continuing with the policy of rotating Field Ranger staff.
Constantly improving training techniques to counteract worldwide poaching methods.
Present day poachers
Referring to the sophistication of present-day poaching techniques, Dr Mkhize said “there was no use pretending that Ezemvelo has all the answers. We simply don't and no matter how much we try, we do need private enterprise to help us and for them to take us into their confidence.

Few conservation organizations worldwide could deal with the level of financing and sophistication employed by the syndicates that are largely behind this battleground," he said.

"This is a treacherous field where the criminals have AK47 and R1 rifles, they have expert military training and specialized equipment such as night vision equipment, they can call on resources that we do not have - such as helicopters and cyber-technology.”

He appealed to people who could help the organization, "if you believe me, that we at Ezemvelo are dedicated, even ferociously so, to beating these evil people, then I open my doors to you, to listen to your advice and participate in your offers of strategic help."
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