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A solid strategy and the implementation thereof, are essential for success in any business. Ezemvelo's first priority, with the participation of the management team, was to review and complete a Strategic Plan for the next few years.

The Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife Strategic Plan clearly defines who the organisation is today, the direction it will take in the future and how it intends to get there. The Strategic Plan will be reviewed, assessed and updated at two-year intervals to reflect current conditions, both internal and external.

Most importantly, the plan will drive the day-to-day operational activities and keep the organisation focused to achieve short and long-term objectives. Download the 5-Year Strategic Plan and Performance Plan 2009–2014 to read more.

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What Makes KwaZulu-Natal So Special?

KwaZulu-Natal is the home of the Zulu nation. It is South Africa's most populous province and has the second largest economy, having surpassed the Western Cape in 2007 as per the SA Tourism statistics.
From its sandy beaches to the heights of the Drakensberg Mountains, the province is picturesque and a tourist’s delight. Charming towns, rolling hills, nature reserves and historic sites abound.
There is a large Indian community in Durban, South Africa’s second largest city and busiest port.
The economy is based on agriculture and tourism, but its manufacturing sector produces a larger portion of GDPR (25%) than any other province.
Isizulu is the predominant language.

Key Objectives
To ensure that Ezemvelo's infrastructure is up to the required standards to be utilised by visitors.
To ensure that Ezemvelo optimises on the use of accommodation to meet the needs of existing and future visitors.
To ensure that Ezemvelo's product and brand is marketed to local and international markets.
To ensure that the infrastructure and logistics for Ezemvelo are in place.

Proposal Details
The greatest challenge to Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife Resorts achieving its goals is the maintenance of the ecotourism product.

Most of the other weaknesses identified in the SWOT analysis are internal processes and can be addressed without external interventions.

The initial plan proposed by the Commercial Operations team required over R90 million in order to adequately address these infrastructure shortfalls, however, by reprioritising internal resources and removing non-essential activities, the amount required has been reduced to R49,930 million.

Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife offers world-class ecotourism destinations.

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